The Most Entertaining Restaurant In Vegas!

With To Go Marketing The Heart Attack Grill has achieved many accolades over the years including; too many media productions to count, Guinness World Record holder, most searched term on Google multiple times, along with trending on Twitter and one of the most entertaining restaurants in Las Vegas!


With To Go Marketing the Heart Attack Grill is one of the first restaurants to be 100% branded in their own theme and brand!

What does it mean to be 100% branded and how does it compare to you!


(Every Restaurant Has One)


While most restaurants do not have a theme as over the top and extreme as the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, every restaurant still has a theme!


The Heart Attack Grill is a "medically themed" restaurant where everyone including the customers dress for the occasion.

The customers are Patients.

The servers are Nurses.

The managers are Doctors.


What is your theme and how can it be stronger?


We meet with many restaurant owners and ask the same question, "What is your theme?"

Many respond the same way with, "We don't have or want a theme!"  A restaurant theme does not have to be an obvious theme such as the Heart Attack Grill, or other over the top restaurants.  A restaurant theme can be as simple as what separates your restaurant from another? From your decor to the type of music you are playing has an important part on what you are telling your customers your theme is!  Is the music, decor or menu items inconsistent....Then that is your theme to your customer!



(Does Your Menu Convey Your Brand)


Simply adding your restaurants name in front of your food item does not brand your menu or make it a "signature" item!


(Insert Your Restaurant's Name Here) Burger


Regardless of your theme choice be it; country, fresh, modern, or over the top, your menu items should reflect your theme not only in the name but down to how the food is designed, plated, and served.


The Heart Attack Grill menu is completely medically themed not only in the food item names but including the types of ingredients used and portion sizes.

Photo Shown above: Quadruple Bypass Burger



(Whats On Your Walls?)


When your customer walks into your restaurant how can they tell the difference in your brand verses the 10 restaurants next door?

The Heart Attack Grill has completed a parity of popular art and movie posters with their medical theme throughout the restaurant.


How are you bringing your theme into your restaurant?




(Music To your customers ears!)


The Heart Attack Grill is very similar to most restaurants and bars with too many television displays to count.  There is one major difference however, not one television at the Heart Attack Grill plays any sports.....EVER! Every display plays music videos that are uniquely branded for the Heart Attack Grill theme.  From music videos to funny news clips featuring the restaurant, constantly immersing the customer in the restaurants theme.


Does your music match your theme?

Music...The single most important factor to your customers entertainment value while at your restaurant, which will destroy or greatly improve your customers experience!

There are only two simple factors when playing music.

1. Type of music

I know this should be common sense, however if you have a beach themed restaurant...DON'T play classic heavy metal music!

2. Volume

It is always better to be a little too loud than too quiet, unless your main target demographic are people over 70!






Are your customers simply going out to eat or are you providing an entertaining dining experience?


Your customer demographic today has changed greatly over the last 10 years.  People now have unlimited options of where they choose to eat, and with the popularity of cooking shows and television channels dedicated to food, people have become much more aware of the food choices and how a restaurant operates.  This has created a new group of "Armchair Foodies", a group of people that are more immersed in all aspects of a restaurants theme and more apt to review all aspects of a restaurant on a reviewing site.  At one time critics would give honest professional reviews in the local paper and many restaurants were thrilled to be reviewed.  Today anyone with a smart phone will review everything they touch, see, and eat when dining out.  It is no longer mainly about the food...It is about the theme and entertainment value!


You can serve the best food however if you have a lacking theme and not engaging your customers, your reviews will be consistently lower.  In the reverse you can serve above average food with an exciting theme and your reviews will consistently be higher.  Your customers want to be entertained!

This starts when your customer first walks in your door.  How are you entertaining your customer?